The Art of Fiber – Sharon Davis

What is felting? Felting is the process of connecting or blending wool, wool roving, or fiber

together to make fabric. Wet felting uses water, soap, and friction to tangle the wool/fibers

together that produce stunning results. In this beginner wet felted wool class, you’ll create a

felted soap and a succulent vessel. The vessels you make in class will use Bergschaf (type of

sheep) wool. It is an easy fiber to work with, felts easily with temperature change and friction

and creates a firm, stable material. The hardest choice will be picking the wool color for your

felted soap and succulent vessel.

Sharon Davis of Davis Crafted is a textile artist working primarily with wool fibers. Her love of

fabrics began at an early age. She nurtured her passion by immersing herself in a variety of

classes. Today she lovingly creates handmade items using a wide range of mediums and

techniques. You ill find Sharon and her incredible felted wool crafts at local art shows and craft

fairs around Sussex County.

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Mar 23 2024


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Inland Bays Garden Center
38320 Muddy Neck Rd, Frankford, DE, 19945


Inland Bays Garden Center
Inland Bays Garden Center
[email protected]

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