Plant Expert from Inland Bays talks sun and soil

Liz Nalle of Inland Bays Garden Center, recently presented at a luncheon meeting of the Lord Baltimore Women’s Club. Liz explained the importance of both light (southern exposure is best) and water for healthy plant growth. Watering can be tricky business, she notes, because it’s easy to make mistakes — either too little or too much can be harmful to plants.

Her tip: Don’t be afraid to stick your finger in the pot to check the moisture of the soil. Water should come out of the pot after, but don’t let it sit in the bottom tray or dish since excess water will cause rot. Another tip is to cut back on watering plants in the winter to give them a rest. Liz also recommended using plastic pots which retain water better than porous clay pots. Repotting is not needed that often, but it’s wise to refresh soil. To keep your plants looking lovely and healthy, wipe off leaves, to remove dust or insects like mites, so they feed and grow well.

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Kathy Salamone, Publictiy Chair

Lord Baltimore Womens’s Club

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